Our land survey professionals have been platting land to create multiple lots and tracts since the company was founded 30 plus years ago. Platting ranks among our key areas of expertise, and Action Surveying Vegas is the go-to resource for platting services in the communities surrounding Clark County.

We ensure strict adherence to zoning issues — lot size, use, density — and subdivision standards:

  • Lot dimensions
  • Street design
  • Sidewalks
  • Road access
  • Parking
  • Drainage
  • Buffering and landscaping

One of the least understood processes dealing with land use is the requirement for and the process of platting a subdivision.

According to the state of Texas, regulations governing local planning authorities, a subdivision is defined as any division of property resulting in two or more lots. The regulation further states that if the area of the new lot(s) or the remaining lot is less than 5 acres, it must be platted, in accordance with the regulations of the local planning authority.

Subdivisions requiring the design of roads, sewers and other utilities are completed in tandem with a Licensed Civil Engineer. In general, we provide the engineer with a boundary and topographic survey that we have prepared. The engineer performs all of the necessary calculations and designs. Once preliminary approval is obtained by RPA, we prepare a final plat showing lot, street and utility layout.

Simpler subdivisions (2-5 lots) generally do not require the services of a Civil Engineer. We perform a boundary survey of the property. If the subdivision lies outside of city sewers, we enlist the services of a state-approved Soil Consultant to "map" the soil and determine percolation rates and other matters requisite for the Health Department to approve a subsurface sewage disposal system (SSDS) easement area. In areas that are accessible to city sewers, only approval of the City Engineer is required.

There are also several fees that the developer will incur that are separate from those agreed upon between land surveyor and developer.

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